Naples 〓 Maestro Mehta resumes activities


The conductor, Zubin Mehta, who was undergoing shoulder surgery at the end of last year and was absent from activities, conducted the concert at Teatro San Carlo in Naples on 2 September. He resumed his conducting. It was Beethoven’s Symphony No.9.

写真 / Marco Brescia

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How about this ?

  1. R.I.P 〓 French composer, Michel Legrand

  2. VIENNA 〓 The title of the Austrian court singer was presented to Rene Papé

  3. VIENNA 〓 Silvia Careddu will leave the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

  4. R.I.P. 〓 Italian conductor, Claudio Scimone

  5. TOKYO 〓 Blomstedt has been decorated with Japanese Order.

  6. R.I.P 〓 Ennio Morricone, Italian composer

  7. LONDON 〓 Sakari Oramo extended the contract with BBC Symphony Orchestra until 2022

  8. Düsseldorf 〓 Schumann’s former home will become a museum

  9. VIENNA 〓 Vienna State Opera fires principal cellist of the orchestra

  10. LONDON 〓 Thomas Allen will retire from the opera

  11. R.I.P 〓 French conductor Jean Claude Margoire died

  12. R.I.P 〓 Dmitri Smirnov, Former Soviet composer

  13. R.I.P 〓 Dominick Argento, American Composer

  14. BERLIN 〓 Berliner Philharmoniker’s Principal horn player David Cooper was leaving

  15. WASHINGTON 〓 Philip Glass receives the Kennedy Center Honors

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