Salzburg Festival 〓 Bruno Ganz leaves the “magic flute”


Actor Bruno Ganz (77) decided to drop out of Mozart “Magic Flute” due to poor physical condition. “Magical flute” whose performance begins at the music festival from July 27 was one topic program, as the female director Lydia Steier handled a new production, the conductor was Constantinos Carydis, and Ganz appeared. Ganz was born in Zurich, Switzerland and active in the German theater world. The biggest known in the movies such as “Wings of Desire” produced in 1987, “Downfall” in 2004. This time he was supposed to play the role of “Narrator” created by Steier independently. According to the music festival, descending in the middle of the rehearsal. Austrian actor Claus Maria Brandauer (74) will serve as a substitute. Brandauer appeared in the stage of the music festival “Jedermann” from 1983 to 1989, and also appeared in the 2010 stage “Oedipus of Colonos”.

Photo:Salzburger Festspiele / Ruth Walz

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