BREGENZ 〓 Austria’s Bregenz Festival says “we will continue to prepare for the event”


The Austrian Bregenz Festival renewed its statement on April 7 that it is preparing for this summer.

This statement follows the announcement on April 6 of Prime Minister Kurz’s timetable for the post-convergence normalization of the new coronavirus.

The timetable announced by Prime Minister Kurz banned large-scale events from holding until the end of June. According to the decision, large-scale events can be held after July.

The Bregenz Festival is scheduled to take place from July 22 to August 23 this year. The Festival that use the lake for outdoor opera performances change their performance every two years.

In festival, Verdi’s “Rigoletto” has been staged since last year. For this reason, the burden for performing this year is small.

In the festival, while monitoring the convergence situation of the new coronavirus, plans to determine held in prospect the end of May.

Photo:Bregenzer Festspiele

    Festival information is here ▷

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