MAGDEBURG 〓 A female singer on role of Wotan of Der Ring des Nibelungen!?


The Magdeburg Theater in Germany was a performance by Wagner’s “Valkyrie”, and “female singer” was appointed as a role of Wotan. Baritone singer Lucia Lucas was appointed. 37 years old born in Sacramento, USA. Coming out in May 2014 that it is a transgender (mind and body does not agree), and then continues as a “female singer”. In May this year, she sang the leading role of “Don Giovanni” as a “female singer” at Tulsa Opera in Oklahoma State, USA and also made her debut in the United States. “Valkyrie” at the Magdeburg Theater is the opening performance of this season with its first day on September 9. Conducted by Kimbo Ishii, who is the general director of music at the theater, and directed by Jakob Peters – Messer, performances will be held in November. According to reports in Germany, theatrical officials said that there was no case that Wotan was sung by “female singer” until now.


How about this ?

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