BELGRADE 〓 Jun Märkl’s Facebook post are making noise


German conductor Jun Märkl’s Facebook post, criticizing the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, are making noise. Merkle was scheduled to conduct Rossini’s “William Tell” Overture, Korngold’s Violin Concerto and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4 “Italian” on January 16 and 17. It was his orchestra debut, but he canceled it just before.

Merkle reported the reason for the cancellation as the orchestra did not adhere to the contract in the post. He has repeatedly proposed to the orchestra, but claims to have received no positive response. He confessed that he felt that the orchestra was trying to deceive himself. He declared that he would no longer work with the Belgrade Philharmonic, and he calls on other artists not to work together.

In response to this post, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra repulsion, and rushed to make a statement to Western media. The orchestra argued that the cancellation was due to the conductor refusing to fulfill some of the contracts. The orchestra has pointed out that it is natural to comply with the laws of the Republic of Serbia, and that this has been explained to the agents in advance, and that it is specified in the contract.

Furthermore, they said that cancellations less than 60 hours before the start of the rehearsal is not a professional act and say it was insult to Belgrade audience, orchestra members and management. they also strongly criticized Merkle’s act of calling other musicians not to work with Orchestra.

The story spreads further, with German conductor Gabriel Feltz, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s principal conductor, also issuing a statement. In a statement, Feltz confessed that he would not accept Merkle’s claim in light of his ten-year relationship with the orchestra, presuming that the actual cause was unknown. He defends the orchestra, saying that there are many guest performers around him who want to play again.

Photo:Slovenska filharmonia / Jan Lukas

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