TOKYO 〓 This year’s theme is “Voyage – music born from traveling”


The schedule of the music festival “La Folle Journée TOKYO 2019” was announced. It is Japan’s largest music festival held during the Golden Week in May, and the festival is held from May 3 to May 5 this year as usual. The festival was held experimentally in the Ikebukuro area last year, but this year it will return to the previous style and will be held only at the Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi. This year’s theme is “Voyage ─ Music born from a journey”, hitting the work born from the composer’s journey.

From this year, not only “Concert from 0 years old”, but also “Orchestra Concert for Kids” will be newly started. Also, with the Hall E of the International Forum as the venue, a project called “Folle Bon” will be held to do “Bon-Odori = Bon Festival dance”. There is also “everyone at Treasure Island” where the audience can participate with instruments at “Treasure Island” which is played last in the Siena Wind Orchestra’s performance.

Photo:La Folle Journée TOKYO / teamMiura

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