BERLIN 〓 A new member of Artemis Quartett was announced


A new member of Artemis Quartett has been decided. Eckart Runge of Cello and Anthea Kreston of Second Violin leave in May and Harriet Krijgh and Suyoen Kim join. Runge is one of the founding members, so that no one founding member is there.

Krijgh of Cello was born in 1991 and is an emerging Dutch hope. At the end of this year, it is decided that a debut album will be released from “Deutsche Grammophon”. Kim was a Korean violinist born in Munster, Germany in 1987. Alongside Sayako Kusaka, she served as a concertmaster of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, and albums have been released from “Deutsche Grammophon” as well.

Artemis Quartett was formed in 1989 by four students of Lubeck Music University gathered. Later, they were taught by string quartet such as Alban Berg, Emerson, Juilliard and in 1996 they won the Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD. The victory took a big topic for the first time in 25 years since the Tokyo Quartet in 1970.

After that, they are based in Berlin while switching members. Recently in 2015, after the death of Viola Friedemann Weigle, Creston entered the second violin early 2016, Gregor Sigl of the second violin turned to Viola and started a new start.

Photo:Artemis Quartett

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