Berlin 〓 The winning work of the 1st “OPAS KLASSIK Award” was announced


The winning work of the 1st “OPAS KLASSIK Award” was announced. “OPUS KLASSIK Award” is an award for recording that was created on behalf of “Echo Award”. The “Echo Award” was founded in 1992 and is managed by a steering committee of German music publishers, record companies and concert organizers, and is regarded as the most prestigious award in Germany as a US Grammy Awards.

However, many of the musicians rebelled because the anti-Semitic lyrics were included in the songs of the rap group that received the Pops division this year. Echo Award itself was forced to be abolished because musicians who declined the awards in the classical division continued and artists who returned prizes with past prizes went out. Therefore, only the classical division was separated and the “OPUS KLASSIK Award” was founded.

The award ceremony will be held at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on 14th October. “Singer of the Year” is selected by women as Diana Damrau and men as Juan Diego Flórez.

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