TURIN 〓 The top three of Teatro Reggio resigned one after another


Executives resigned one after another in Turin’s Teatro Reggio and are in dysfunction. On 26th, the resignation of Gianandrea Noseda(=Photo) who served as chief conductor from 2007 was revealed. The third resignation, after the intendant Walter Vergnano and art director Gastón Fournier-Facio, is now the third person, with all three of the theaters being left.

The resignation of three people decided to replace the intendent, a rebellion against personnel affairs by Mayor of Chiara Appendino. The mayor ran for the mayor election of the year before last year as a female candidate for “five star movement” and won. “Five star movement” is a popular comedian Beppe Grillo party leader. Established seven years ago, it was an anti-systematic populism party and has been rebounding and strengthening the EU seeking austerity finance.

After appointing the mayor of Appendino moved to make Giancarlo del Monaco, a director known as Grillo’s friend, as the intendant, and Wagnnano rebelled against it. Flagne-Fasio also resigned with Werniano. In response, the mayor invited William Grazios, an executive in the US Baltimore Opera, in lieu of Dell Monaco, but Noseda, who had been remaining until the end, decided to resign as he was disappointed with this selection.

How about this ?

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