SOFIA 〓 Sofia National Opera and Ballet Celebrates 130th Anniversary with Season Opening


The Sofia National Opera and Ballet kicked off the 2020-21 season on Oct. 9 with the Bulgarian opera “Yana’s Nine Brothers” by Lyubomir Pipkov.

The 2020-2021 season marks the 130th anniversary of the founding of the State Opera.

As a preventive measure against the infection of the new coronavirus, the audience seats are limited to balcony seats, and the audience was asked to sit on every second chair. The orchestra played on the ground floor space.

Photo:Sofia National Opera and Ballet

How about this ?

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  4. VIENNA 〓 Vienna Philharmonic is postponing this year’s Summer Night Concert

  5. HONG KONG 〓 Hong Kong Philharmonic’s Japan and Korea tours have been canceled

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  15. R.I.P 〓 Friedemann Layer, Austrian Conductor

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