LOS ANGELES 〓 Movement came out due to sexual harassment problem of Domingo


The opera giant Plácido Domingo has been accused of sexual harassment, and the Los Angeles opera has issued a statement stating that an outside attorney should investigate allegations about their general manager. The Philadelphia Orchestra withdraws its invitation to the opening night concert scheduled for September 18th. The San Francisco Opera also canceled the performance scheduled to be held on October 6th in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Domingo’s theater debut.

On the other hand, there are many places to watch over the situation, and the representative is the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Domingo is scheduled to appear in 《Macbeth》 on September 25, but the Metropolitan Opera has issued a statement saying “no action will be taken until the Los Angeles Opera survey results are available.” The Salzburg Festival, where Domingo is scheduled to appear in 《Luisa Miller》 on the 25th and 31st, has also issued a statement that the situation is silent.

Photo:Teatro Real

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