Innsbruck Festival of Early Music 〓 Festival has announced the opera to be performed in 2019


The Innsbruck Festival of Early Music has announced the opera to be performed in 2019. At the 43th music festival, three opera works, Chesty’s “La Dori”, Handel’s “Ottone, Rè di Germania”, Broschi’ s “Merope” will be performed.

Italian composer Pietro Antonio Cesti (1623-1669) who was active in the middle of the 17th century served Kapellmeister at the Court of Innsbruck since 1652. 2019 is also the year of milestone of 350 years after his death. “La Dori” is premiered in Innsbruck in 1657 during his tenure. It was also performed in Italy in 1661, and it is known as one of the most popular operas in Italy in the 17th century.

Handel’s “Ottone, Rè di Germania” was premiered in London in 1723. One of his most successful operas before his life. Also Italian composer Broschi’s “Merope” was premiered in Turin in 1732. The schedule is as follows.

7, 9, 11, August
Conductor:Alessandro De Marchi

Handel《Ottone, Rè di Germania》
18, 20, 22, August
Conductor:Fabrizio Ventura

Chesty《La Dori》
24, 26, August
Conductor:Ottavio Dantone

Photo:Innsbruck Festival of Early Music

    Festival information is here ▷

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