R.I.P. 〓 Italian conductor, Claudio Scimone


Italian conductor, Claudio Scimone, known as the founder of the string ensemble “I Solisti Veneti” died in the early morning of 6th at his hometown Padua. He was 83 years old. He broke his ribs and said that he was under medical treatment.

Simone was born in 1934. After learning at the music school of his home Padua, he learned the command to Carlo Zecchi, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Franco Ferrara. In 1959 he launched “I Solisti Veneti” based in Venice at the young age of 25 and tackled the revival of baroque music and Renaissance music. Pioneering existence that focused on excavation of Italian unknown masterpieces. Recording exceeds 150 titles, among them, it is known for the high recording quality of works of Albinoni, Vivaldi, Tartini etc.

He also served as Honorary Conductor of Gulbenkian Orchestra of Lisbon, etc. He also worked extensively as a conductor, except for activities of “I Solisti Veneti”. Besides conducting the activities, he has served as professor of the Venetian Conservatory from the 1960s, Professor of the Verona Conservatory and Director of the Padova Conservatory. He is an international fame as a music scholar and educator.

Photo:Padova Oggi

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