Berlin 〓 The crisis surviving at Artemis Quartet ?


One of the world’s top string quartet, Artemis Quartet, is in danger of survival. Cello’s cellist Eckart Runge and the second violinist Anthea Kreston are leaving the quartet next May. Runge is one of the founding members, so there will be no founding members.

Artemis Quartet was formed in 1989 by four students of Lubeck Music University gathered. Afterwards, they were taught by String Quartet such as Alban Berg, Emerson, Juilliard and in 1996 they won the Munich International Music Competition. The victory took a big topic for the first time in 25 years since the Tokyo Quartet in 1970.

They are then based in Berlin while switching members. Recently in 2015, after the death of Viola’s Friedemann Weigle, Kreston entered the second violin early in 2016, the second violin Gregor Sigl went to Viola and had a new start.

Photo:Artemis Quartett / Nikolaj Lund

How about this ?

  1. PARIS 〓 A couple of opera singers have set up a fund to support Australian freelance artists

  2. GRAZ 〓 St. Margarethen open-air opera gives up

  3. BERLIN 〓 Opera magazine”Opernwelt” announced “of the year”

  4. Lyon 〓 Lyon National Orchestra will welcome Nicolai Zunider to music director

  5. R.I.P. 〓 A world-class violist Michael Tree died

  6. PRAGUE 〓 Renovation of the Prague State Opera completed and reopened

  7. BERLIN 〓 Germany cancels performances until April 19

  8. CORDOBA 〓 Carlos Domínguez = Nieto becomes the art director of Orquesta de Córdoba

  9. BOSTON 〓 Boston Symphony has announced the cancellation of the 2020/2021 season

  10. TBILISI 〓 Violinist Lisa Batiashvili establishes a foundation in her home country to support young musicians

  11. NEW YORK 〓 The Metropolitan Opera has announced the end of its free streaming service “Nightly Met Opera Streams”

  12. HALLE 〓 Halle State Theater announced that it will welcome Ariane Matiakh to Music Director

  13. TOKYO 〓 Nodoka Okisawa won the Conducting division of the 18th Tokyo International Music Competition

  14. Ottawa 〓 Ottawa Symphony performed a concert of a violin made with a 3D printer

  15. PARIS 〓 Japanese monopolized the 1st and 2nd place in the piano section of Long-Thibaud-Crespan International Competition

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