R.I.P 〓 Ivry Gitlis(98)Israeli Violinist


Israeli violinist Ivry Gitlis died at his home in Paris on the 24th. He was 98 years old. Ivry means people of hebrew in Hebrew word . He has been active as the oldest active violin player until recently, with his boldly expressive performances, unique tones, and strong characters. He had used a 1713 Stradivarius’Sancy’.

He was born in Haifa, Israel in 1922 and his parents are Russian Jews. He was found by Bronislaw Hubermann at the age of seven and moved to France, where he graduated from the Paris Conservatory at the age of twelve.

After that, he studied under George Enescu, Jacques Thibaud, Carl Flesch and others. In 1951 after his debut, he won the Long-Thibaud International Music Competition. After that, he performed all over the world and worked hard on recording.

He is also actively involved in social activities and is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011, he came to Japan immediately after the earthquake and performed consolation performances. He was a guest performer at the Beppu Argerich Music Festival in Japan.


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