CREMONA 〓 Violinist Rena Yokoyama Played the beautiful melody from the rooftop of a hospital


A Japanese violinist, Lena Yokoyama, played a performance on the evening of the 16th from the roof of a hospital in Cremona for medical personnel fighting against the new coronavirus. It was played to them of temporary relief.

Yokoyama is 33 years old, born in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. She is currently working on playing musical instruments at the Violin Museum in Cremona.

After graduating from high school in 2006, she studied at the Staufer Conservatory in Cremona, and at the same time studied under Salvatore Accardo at the Chigiana Conservatory in Siena.

Cremona is known as the city where Stradivari was active in the 17th and 18th centuries. But now, it is a Front line to the new coronavirus. With a population of approximately 360,000, the number of infected people is 5,000, and nearly 900 people have died.

The performance was delivered to the area around the hospital through speakers, where doctors and nurses in protective clothing opened windows and went to the porch to listen to the beautiful violin.


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