NEW YORK 〓 Composer John Williams donates all his own scores etc. to the alma mater Juilliard School of Music


Composer John Williams has worked on a number of film music, including “E.T.” and “Indiana Jones” series, directed by Stephen Spielberg and “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” series. He decided to donate sketchbooks of concert music and movie music scores and composition to the alma mater’s Juilliard School of Music in New York.

According to reports in the United States, it was revealed at a special graduate event held in Los Angeles on the 6th. In the donation he himself wrote “From the beginning as a piano beginner I have seen the Juilliard School as a mecca of music research in our country and other countries, especially intimate movie scoring It is my privilege to make it available to students interested in the process. ”

Williams is 86 years old, born in New York in 1932. He studied under the exiled Jewish Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo – Tedesco at the University of California Los Angeles, but was drafted and belonged to the Air Force music corps. After completing military service in 1955, he advanced to the piano department of the Juilliard School of Music and has a career under Rosina Levin. After that, he went through jazz pianists, etc. and focused on composition activities.

Academy Awards received 5 times (composition award 4 times, arrangement award 1 time). “The last Jedi of Star Wars” was nominated for the 2018 academy award composing prize just recently announced, and just recently renewed nomination record to 51 times of active cinema people. In addition to composing Olympic theme songs at four competitions, he also served as a conductor, including serving the music director of the Boston Pops Orchestra for 14 seasons at the Tanglewood Music Festival in the United States of America.

Last January, in response to the interview with the British mirror paper, he said “I have not seen any Star Wars” and surprised many people. “I have never felt the urge to go to the cinema and watch a movie, which may sound funny, but I rarely want to listen to music I’ve composed.” Although it is possible to tell a whole body during the composition period of a movie, once it is completed, it is said that it loses interest. He also said that “most of the past works are not particularly memorable works.”

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