Tanglewood Music Festival
Tanglewood Music Festival

 Lenox … United States

 2023:6.22 … 8.27

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It was in 1937 that the Boston Symphony Orchestra began the outdoor music festival in the forest of Tanglewood, about three hours by car from the city.

The following year, “Shed = semi-open-air stage” was completed in the forest. Today 300,000 people gather in the late June – early September music festival every year.

The festival program is quite diverse. Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops Orchestra, other prominent orchestras, ensembles, world wide soloists also appeare daily.

Programs range from Orthodox classical to jazz feature. There is also a film music concert by composer John Williams, who was the conductor of the Boston.

A summer course for young musicians is offered during the period. Students will be instructed by members of Boston Symphony and guest artists and participate in the performances.

Approximately 20% of the nationwide orchestral members are said to be students, and are highly prized by “the world’s largest educational music festival”.

Seiji Ozawa, he joined the festival in 1960. At that time he hoping for a “discipleship” to the music director Charles Munch of the time.

In 1970, he became a music director of the festival. After then, in 1973, he became a music director of the Boston Symphony as successor of his teacher. He was the “face” of the festival for about 30 years before retiring in 2002.

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