PESARO 〓 Rossini Opera Festival Announces Outline of 2023 Festival


The Rossini Opera Festival, which opens this August 9 in Pesaro, Italy, has announced an outline for the 2023 festival. The festival is entering a new era with the appointment of tenor Juan Diego Flórez as artistic director beginning in 2022.

The center of attention at the 2023 Festival will be the newly produced opera “Eduardo and Cristina,” directed by Stefano Poda and conducted by Yadel Bignamini.

It will be the first performance based on the critical edition compiled by the Rossini Foundation, the world’s leading authority on Rossini studies.

According to the announcement, 2023 will also see a new production of “Adelaide in Borgogna” directed by Arnaud Bernard. Francesco Lanzilotta will conduct.

The revival will be “Aureliano in Palmyra,” and as in previous years, “Journey to Rheims” will be performed by students of the Academy. A Solemn Mass will be performed under the direction of Michele Mariotti.

Photo:Rossini Opera Festival

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