Rossini Opera festival | Rossini Opera festival

[CITY]Pesaro … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2021:8.9 … 8.22

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Among the opera, it is said that it is difficult to understand the real fun of the comic series called “Opera Buffa”. Rossini wrote a lot of that “Opera Buffa”. It is this music festival held in the birth place that is performing only his work.

Performed based on the critical edition (corrected score) compiled by the Rossini research global authority “Rossini Foundation” and also linked with the latest academic research.

There are unusual works that are only performed here, and in that sense, it is also a festival of “birth place” and “sacred place”. So even in the singer’s world, if you do not call here, you can not be regarded as ‘Rossini singer’ from the connoisseur.

It is about 2 hours by car from Bologna to Pesaro facing the Adriatic Sea. Also in the proximity there is also an orchestra at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, which is in the orchestra pit, known for its high level performance including singers.

In other words, both the actor and the enjoyment festival are colliding with each other, which is knowing the world.

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