Vienna 〓 Istvan Vardai replaces Heinrich Schiff


Hungarian cello player István Vardai (32) was to succeed Heinrich Schiff (1951-2016), to be a teaching institution of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Vardai was born in 1985 in southwest Hungary Pécs (near the border with Croatia, the fifth city in Hungary). At 12, he entered the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, the capital and went to the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in 2005. After winning 3rd in the 2007 Tchaikovsky International Music Competition, he won the 63rd Geneva International Music Competition in 2008 and won the Munich ARD Competition in 2014. Boasting a brilliant competition history. The most busy musician in 2016 released by authoritative classic website “Bach truck” ranked No. 1 in the cello division. The instrument used is Stradivarius made in 1673, and in the past Jacqueline du Pré, Lynn Harrell used it.

Photo:Harrison Parrot

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