BARCELONA 〓 Katharina Wagner will direct a new production of “Lohengrin”


Katharina Wagner (1978-), who is the general director of the Bayreuth Festival, will produce the Wagner “Lohengrin” at the Liceu Theater in Barcelona in 2020.

It’s production is conducted by Josep Pons. The singers are Lohengrin of Klaus Florian Vogt, Elsa of Erin Wall, Orthroot of Evelyn Herlitzius, Heinrich of Günther Groissböck. It is said to be a collaboration with Leipzig Opera.

Katharina is the granddaughter of composer Richard Wagner, the youngest daughter of Wolfgang (1919-2010) who served as the director of the music festival long after the war.

After the death of Wolfgang, a ruling with the addition of public agencies, a system was jointly managed by Eva Wagner-Pasquier (daughter between Wolfgang and the previous wife) from 2008, but from 2015 it will be Katerina He runs a music festival alone.

Catalina studied theater science at Free University of Berlin and trained at the Berlin State Opera. Since then, she has directed production at several opera houses.

Photo:Bayreuther Festspiele

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