Opera CARACALLA | Opera aperta CARACALLA

[CITY]Roma … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2022:6.3 … 8.9

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Known as one of the ancient Roman tyrants, “Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus = real name: Lucius Septimius Bassianus” was called “Emperor Caracalla” because of his favorite mantle. Therefore, the ruins of the huge public bath he built near the tourist spots Colosseum and Circo Massimo are also called “Caracalla Baths”.

The outdoor performance of the opera using the ruins is the like summer season of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma(Roman Opera). The festival begun in 1937 which the Musorini period. In 1990, “Three Major Tenors”, Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, José Carreras sang there, “Caracalla Baths” was known in the world.

During the festival, which opened at the end of June and closes in early August, three works were performed. In 2017, there are Carmen, Tosca, Nabucco, and so on. However, the stage curtain opens at 9:00 pm when the sun falls and the surroundings become dark. Therefore, the date will chang, by the end of performance.

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