BBC Proms | BBC Proms

[CITY]London … United Kingdom
[SCHEDULE]2021:7.30 … 9.11

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The final performance of the festival called “last night”, the hall gets hot and the audience makes a fuss. On this night, “Land of Hope and Glory”, “Rule Britannia” and “God Save the Queen” are played one after another, and the audience is intoxicated by the “History of Glory of the British Empire” by music.

At the audience seats Union Jack is shaken, crackers ring, balloons dance in the air. At the end, when the audience sings “Old long since” in tune with the performance, the venue burns together.
The music festival “Proms” close a Curtain with such excitement.

The official name of the festival is “Promenade concert”. However, the nickname “Proms” is now famous. The festival was founded in 1895. Initially, Queens Hall was the venue.

The festival continued relentlessly during the World War II. Since Queens Hall was destroyed by the 1941 London air raid, the venue changed to Royal Albert Hall the following year.

After the war, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) returned to operation and more than 100 concerts were held in about eight weeks from July to September. It is literally the largest music festival in Europe.

The spirit of “a place to enjoy music easily and cheaply” at the time of establishment is still alive.

Among the 6,500 seats, 1,600 seats including the arena area of the first floor and the gallery area of the top floor are standing seats and the price is several pounds. In the arena area, they are allowed to sit down and lie down, Just like “liberation zone”.

There are also a lot of regular customers there, many people called “PROMER”. They boast to their attendance each other, on the other hand they ironicize themselves. John Bull is there.

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