Baden-Baden Festival | Festspiele Baden-Baden

[CITY]Baden-Baden … Germany
[SCHEDULE]2022:4.9 … 4.18 = Easter / 5.28 … 6.6 = Pentecost・Pfingsten / 7.8 … 7.30 = Summer

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Baden-Baden is one of the best hot spring resorts in Europe, once visited by a royal aristocrat, in the southwestern part of Germany. For music fans, this city is known as Brahms’ favorite city. He spent 10 years in summer and wrote works such as Symphony No.1. It is also the end place of Wilhelm Furtwangler and Pierre Boulez.

Because it is a hot spring resort, the town has a variety of devices to prevent you from getting bored even if you stay long. The riverside promenade, the rose garden and various museums, the most beautifully decorated casino in Europe, and the festival theater as a platform for performing various performances are all there.

The festival theater opened in 1998 is a neo-baroque building that used to be a station building. It was converted into a theater with 2500 seats and became the second largest theater in Europe. Baden-Baden makes it a full revolution and holds four music festivals per year. There are four attractive programs: the Easter Festival, the Summer Festival for almost a month in July, the Autumn Festival in the first half of November, and the Music Festival in the midst of May It is transmitted throughout the year.

Furthermore, from 2013, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra appeared on Easter. Festival was able to win an outstanding residential orchestra. The Berlin Philharmonic is a big success in opera concerts, just like Salzburg. The artists who co-star also diverse, making it a powerful killer contents.

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