Festival Days Berlin | Festtage

[CITY]Berlin … Germany
[SCHEDULE]2021:3.26 _ 4.5

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Due to the unification of Germany, the number of opera houses in Berlin has increased from one to three In the west there was Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden and Komische Oper Berlin joined from East Germany. Compared to the situation that the number of professional orchestras will increase to 8, although it is still loose.

But many people Felt that it was oversupplied, and they talked about which will be crushed first. At that time, many people thought that opera house on the east side would be crushed. because east side operating in a socialist economy system. However, the result the Staatsoper Unter den Linden won alone.

In 1992, Conductor Daniel Barenboim became the General Music Director at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. he Built various plans and executed it under his leadership. For example, this music festival is one of the new attempts he started. During the Easter season, the Berlin Philharmonic went to Salzburg every year. Therefore, there was no Easter festival in Berlin. So they tried to become the main role of Easter in Berlin.

The festival is about 2 weeks, a combination of opera and concert, and it got a yery success. Now it is recognized as a music festival representing Berlin during the Easter season. The major theater renovation work that began in 2010 was completed in 2017, and the theater celebrated its rebirth. Barenboim’s new challenges will continue. There is a high possibility that new ideas will be injected into this music festival.

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