Copenhagen Opera Festival | Copenhagen Opera Festival

[CITY]Copenhagen … Denmark
[SCHEDULE]2021:8.20 … 8.28

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In Copenhagen, the Danish capital, there is a world-class opera house that opened on January 15, 2005 in the presence of Queen Margrethe II. Of course, it is the home of the Royal Opera. Designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen. The four sides of building have different designs, and the waterfront is a modern building with rounded glass and a metal roof on a straight stone wall.

The opera house is in the Holmön district across the canal from the Royal Palace Amalienborg. The interior is also luxurious, with over 100,000 gold leaf on the ceiling and plenty of smoked oak on the floor. So the audience is not greedy with over 1700. With construction costs in excess of US $ 500 million, one of the world’s most expensive opera houses, Denmark’s world-class shipping company Marks donated construction funds and attracted attention.

The Copenhagen Opera Festival, which began in 2009, is at the opposite end of such royal opera activities. The singers are doing guerrilla-like activities to pick up opera in various styles in plazas, canals, churches, concert halls and live houses. Students of the Royal Opera Academy are performing with the cooperation of Skanska Opera singers based in Malmo, Sweden, but they have deliberately performed opera highlights and proposed ways to enjoy the opera.

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