George Enescu Festival | Enescu si Muzica LumiI

[CITY]Bucharest … Romania
[SCHEDULE]2021:8.28 … 9.26(Held every other year)

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If you are questioned as a Romanian celebrity in Japan, the president Ceauşescu who still had a miserable end, or the gymnast Olympic athlete Comăneci would be the street level. But the best known person in the world is Georges Enescu(1881-1955), who worked as a violinist and composer. In the first half of the 20th century, the first Romanian king Carol I created a choral choir in the church of each city, began acting as a violinist and pianist when he was emphasizing music activities, such as introducing brass bands into the army, Afterwards he composed a symphony or sonata as a composer.

This music festival that got his name was founded in 1958 and is held in September once every two years. During the music festival, an authoritative competition (piano, violin, composition) has also been done, not only being the biggest Romanian music festival, it is also known as Eastern Europe’s biggest music festival. The venue includes a palace hall “Sala Palatului” that houses 4000 people, and “Ateneul Român”.

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