PARIS 〓 France is to help Saudi Arabia set up a national orchestra and opera


France’s Françoise Nyssen Cultural Minister announced on 9th that “The National Opera of Paris signed an agreement to help establish the Saudi Arabian national orchestra and the National Opera.” Culture Minister Nyssen and Awwad Alawwad Cultural Information Minister have signed the agreement. Prior to the signing, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the first French official visit, had dinner with President Emmanuel Macron at the Louvre on sunday evening. In the plan, Saudi Arabia plans to create a cultural industry that cultivates art, theater, music, movies, with meditation in 2030, including the establishment of the National Orchestra and the National Opera among them.

How about this ?

  1. AMSTERDAM 〓 Iván Fischer, New Honorary Director Of The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

  2. Lyon 〓 Lyon National Orchestra will welcome Nicolai Zunider to music director

  3. ROME 〓 Argerich was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

  4. BUDAPEST 〓 Hungarian State Opera, the first US tour

  5. Salzburg Festival 〓 Gábor Káli won the Nestle & Salzburg Festival Youth Conductor Competition

  6. R.I.P 〓 Leon Fleisher, US Pianist

  7. TEL AVIV 〓 Radio station that sent Wagner’s music apologized

  8. Valencia 〓 Fabio Biondi has submitted his resignation

  9. VIENNA 〓 Daribol Karvay was appointed as the first concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony

  10. MANCHESTER 〓 The Halle Launches New Conductor Competition in UK

  11. VIENNA 〓 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra announces the “New Year’s Concert” program in 2019

  12. BORDEAUX 〓 Minkowski extended the contract with the Bordeaux National Opera

  13. LOS ANGELES 〓 Movement came out due to sexual harassment problem of Domingo

  14. PARIS 〓 A couple of opera singers have set up a fund to support Australian freelance artists

  15. R.I.P 〓 Giya Kancheli, Georgian Composer

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