Umbria Music Festival | Sagra Musicale Umbra

[CITY]Assisi・Umbelteide・Montefalco・San Jimmini・Torgiano・Bevagna・Castel Rigone・Panicare・Foligno・Perugia … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2019:9.7 … 9.22

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A wide-area music festival held every year in late September in cities in Umbria. Umbria, where many small medieval cities remain, is located in the middle of the Italian peninsula. Surrounded by the provinces of Tuscany, Lazio and Marche, it is the only provinces that has no coastline in the Italian Peninsula.

In addition to the terrain composed of rolling hills and deep mountains, the state shape is similar to the heart shape, so it is called “Italian Green Heart”. The city of Assisi, St. Francesco, named after the Pope in 2013, is also in the province. Terni is also said to be the birthplace of Valentine’s Day because the patron saint of the city is St. Valentino.

The concerts will be held in Assisi, Umbertide, Montefalco, San Giimini, Torgiano, Bevagna, Castel Rigone, Panicale, Foligno, and Perugia. Although not a resident orchestra, the “Orchestra da Camera di Perugia”, based in Perugia, plays a central role in the festival. The theme is church music, but the academic atmosphere is not so strong and the program is not elaborate.

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