Edinburgh Internatioanl Festival | Edinburgh Internatioanl Festival

[CITY]Edinburgh … United Kingdom
[SCHEDULE]2021:8.7 … 8.29

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Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is an ancient capital city that makes you feel the weight of history. In Edinburgh Castle, Her Majesty will stay during the summer. Not to mention the charm of the old town called “Golden Mile” extending from the castle, it is a charming city with new discoveries every visits.

This festival is known as a worldwide festival of performing arts such as opera, theater, music and dance. Founded in 1947 and pioneered in the International Arts Festival born in the post-war period, the session is three weeks from mid August to September.

Even during the Cold War, artists were performing across the walls of the east and west. There also happened that the Czech Conductor Rafael Kubelík exiled to the west after the performance.

The music field is the Usher Hall, Kings Hall, Queens Hall and other venues.

During this period, the International Film Festival and the International Book Festival are held at the same time, and many small events called “fringe” are held, and the city of Edinburgh is bustling.

In Edinburgh Castle, a military tattoo is held every night, by Army marching.

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