Takefu International Music Festival | 武生国際音楽祭

[開催都市]Echizen … Japan
[開催時期]2021:9.5 … 9.12

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Music festival held in September every year at Echizen-shi (formerly Takefu-shi) in Fukui prefecture. It started in the form of “Finland Music Festival” held in 1990, and it is held every year since 1992. In 2001, composer Toshio Hosokawa took over as a music director and was started “Takefu International Composition Workshop”. Since 2005 “Takefu International Summer Academy” began as well as a place for young musicians to educate.

At the beginning, contemporary music was set as the center of the program, including concerts where premiere of new work of composer workshop participants had been placed at the center of the program, but in 2012 the pianist Kei Ito is welcomed as a concert producer, the standard chamber music, instrument music as the proportion of concerts increased, it turned into a music festival with a wide range of fans.

Many concerts are held at the cultural center of the main venue, but there are many concerts with venues around surrounding temples and shopping centers. In 2017, a total of 53 performers and composers from 8 countries participated, and all 16 performances were carried out on the theme of “From old to new Viennese school to contemporary”.

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