Salzburg Mozart Week | Mozart wochen

[CITY]Salzburg … Austria
[SCHEDULE]2022:1.27 … 2.6

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A music festival in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. The session will be held for 10 days before and after his birthday, January 27.

The organizer is “International Mozart Foundation” which conduct research and publication on Mozart, collect relics, and operate memorial facilities. The foundation also keeps skulls that have been subjected to DNA testing but have not been identified for their authenticity.

Salzburg is crowded with music festivals throughout the year. This festival was founded in 1956, the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s birth. It has always been a place to think about the modern meaning of Mozart by shedding light on various aspects.

From 2019, popular tenor singer Roland Villazon named as general director. The term of office is five years until 2023. Villazon, who is also active as a director and producer, while emphasizing that he will return to the origin and take up only Mozart’s works, using various facilities in the city, and on the street.

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