International Music Festival of the Canary Islands | Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias

[CITY]Las Palmas / Tenerife … Spain
[SCHEDULE]2022:1.13 … 2.16

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In January 1999, this music festival got into the spotlight from the world music media. Great conductor Carlos Kleiber who had been away from conducting for a long time, because he stood the commander for the first time in a while.

The Spanish territorial canary islands are seven islands floating above the Atlantic Ocean, off Morocco in North Africa. The music festival was founded in 1984, which is held from the first half of January to the first half of February. The main venue is Alfredo Krauss’ s music hall in Las Palmas, the biggest city of the seven islands of Grand Canary. Yes, the legendary tenor is from here.

Concert venues such as theaters in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the second island city city are widely scattered. It is gaining popularity as a cold place of the middle class of Northern Europe and Central Europe centered on the two islands, and there are many empty flights from the capital Madrid and the major cities in Europe, and from Madrid to the two islands by plane two and a half hours .

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