Bayreuth Wagner Festival | Bayreuther Festspiele

[CITY]Bayreuth … Germany
[SCHEDULE]2021:7.25 … 8.25

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The festival where the exclusively performs operas and music dramas composed by German composer Richard Wagner. It Starts from late July to the end of August. The festival was created by the composer himself and used to perform four works of his music drama “The Ring of the Nibelung” four-part works.

The festival theatre is also a dedicated theatre built with the help of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who is his enthusiastic supporter. The festival theater has an unusual structure, and the orchestra pit is placed under the stage. Deep sound fills the hall.

The production of the “Ring” four-part works changes every 5 years. After 5 years of performances, a new production is staged after a year off. The new series will start from 2020 with the direction of Valentine Schwartz. Pietari Inkinen, who has been the Principal conductor of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra since 2016, will be appointed as the conductor.

The year that Ring is performed, there will make a lineup in three works from opera and music drama. In the year when there is no “Ring” performance, five works will be performed from opera and music drama. Seasonal people are appointed as conductors and directors.

The singers is required to have a strong voice, but they who admited from themselves and others as “Wagner singer” come together. The festival orchestra, which is specially organized for the festival, gathers skills through Germany. That’s Wagner’s “holy land”. For that reason, it is close to a kind of “pilgrimage” for his passionate fans “Wagnerian”. Naturally, It is extremely intense to get the ticket for festival.

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