Ravello Festival | Ravello Festival

[CITY]Ravello … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2021:7.1 … 8.24

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“Amalfi Coast” became widely known in Japan through movies. Facing the Salerno Bay on the southeast side of Naples, on the south side of the Sorrento Peninsula, it is popular as “the most beautiful coast in the world”. Of course, it is also registered as a World Heritage Site.

Amalfi which is in the center and spreads to stick to a steep slope, the stairs and the road are stretched like a maze and the city feels the weight of history different from the modern city which was maintained. From there, the music festival is held every year from the middle of June to the end of September in the city of Ravello on the hill, to the north.

In 1953, a special stage was set up at “Villa Rufolo” known for staying at Wagner (an outdoor stage where the ocean spreads under the eyes!), Where a concert to pick up his work began.

From 2003, the name has also become “Ravello Festival”, and various programs such as orchestra performance, chamber music, movie music and so on have been spread. Above all, August 11th is a special day that opens after 4pm dawn, enjoying the sunrise from the sea as the program progresses.

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