R.I.P. 〓 José Antonio Abreu(79)Founder of El Sistema


José Antonio Abreu, known as the founder of “El Sistema”, died at the age of 79 on the 24th. Abreu was born in 1939 in Valera, State Trujillo in the northwest part of Venezuela. He studied music and economics in Barquisimeto and capital Caracas. After then he worked as a conductor. Later, focusing on the elimination of the poor through music education. In 1975, he launched “El Sistema (National Network of Youth and Children Orchestras of Venezuela)” based on the belief that “art culture must not be enjoyed only by some wealthy people”. From there there are a number of musicians including conductor such as Gustavo Dudamel, Diego Matheuz, Christian Vásquez, and Berliner Philharmoniker’s principal contrabass player Edicson Ruiz.

“El Systerma” is a mechanism that all children can receive collective music education free of charge in spite of the economic situation of the family. It is also a social reform system that enables children to learn cooperativeness and discipline themselves, to actively work on their goals, and to have hope and pride through activities there. At present, 125 youth orchestras are established in Venezuela, more than 300,000 children attend music schools, protect children from crime and violence, and have a positive effect including academic side, such as great effect .

Its success has spread to the world as a child protection activity and a community development campaign, and similar efforts have been developed in more than 60 countries and regions and it has made a great effect, in 1983 he became a cultural minister of Venezuela, 2009 In the year he is an ambassador of UNESCO. IMC-UNESCO International Music Prize, Premios Príncipe de Asturias, Polar Music Prize, Erasmus Prize, The Praemium Imperiale awards and many others. It was a lifetime pursuing the possibility of music as “music is to transform misery into hope”.

Strange as he died this day, his disciple, Dudamel, acquired Spanish nationality. It was a direct opportunity to marry Maria Valverde of Spanish actress. As the political and economic crisis continued due to a decline in crude oil revenues, Dudamel was criticizing the government of Venezuela.

How about this ?

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