Varna Summer | Варненско лято

[CITY]Varna … Bulgaria
[SCHEDULE]2022:6.25 … 7.30

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Bulgaria is a country with a wide territory from east to west. Varna is located in the easternmost part of it. It is the third largest city after the capitals Sofia and Provdiff. Facing the Black Sea, with beaches and marina on the coast, crowded with tourists seeking the bright sun and blue sky in summer. Varna is called “capital of the sea” and “capital of summer”.

Varna is also the city where the headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy is located. The city has a long history just because it has prospered since ancient times as a trading hub or a defensive hub. It is remains of the Stone Ages “Varna Necropolis” attract archaeological attention. Varna is also the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

The predecessor Music Festival was founded in 1926 during the Dynasty period. It is considered to be the oldest music festival in Bulgaria. After that, the scale was expanded and it became an international music festival in 1968 by Communist Party regime.

In 2020, the festival’s schedule was messed up due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but the Festival is normally from the June to the end of July. The range of programs ranges from outdoor opera to orchestral concerts, chamber music, choral music, and crossover genres.

Since 1984, the International Summer Academy has been added to the festival, and if the performances related to the academy are included, various performances. It is operated in a style that welcomes international famous artists, with the appearance of artists and performance groups in Bulgaria such as the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra.

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