Festival Valle d’Itria | Festival della Valle d’Itria

[CITY]Martina Franca … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2022:7.19 … 8.6

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If the name of the music festival is translated directly, it will be called “Itria Valley Music Festival”. The valley is in Puglia States, which in the southern part of the Italian peninsula (It is the heel of boots). Puglia States overlooks the Salento peninsula to the southeast and faces the Balkan Peninsula, across the Adriatic Sea. To the south is Taranto Bay, historically the point of contact with ancient Greece is deep.

Puglia state is known for having a world heritage city called Alberobello, Matera. Alberobello is a town that looks like a fairy tale, where white folk houses of Tangri’s hat named “Trulli” line up. On the other hand, Matera has a wonderful landscape where cave dwelling groups called “sash”

The music festival is located between these two cities and is held in Martina Franca, the largest city in the valley. It began in 1975. The music festival began with the performance of Gluck’s opera “Orfeo and Euridice” in the courtyard of the Ducale Palace. Since then, it has been known as a music festival that has performed many less-known works and Baroque works.

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