Styriarte | Styriarte

[CITY]Graz … Austria
[SCHEDULE]2022:6.24 … 7.24

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The festival was presided over every summer by the legendary conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt, who departed from early music, in the city of Graz where he grew up.

The festival was founded in 1985. “Styriarte” is a coined word that combines the Latin word “styria” which means Styria and the Italian word “arte” which means art.

Graz is Austria’s second largest city and the capital of Styria. Along with Vienna, the city has another national opera house. About two and a half hours by limited express from Vienna.

In 1999, the center of the city was registered as a World Heritage Site as UNESCO’s “Historical District of Graz City”, and in 2003, it was selected as the “European Capital of Culture”.

Because it is such a city, the venues for concerts are scattered throughout the city. For example, the Mausoleum of the Emperor and the State Capitol in Graz, one of the most majestic Renaissance buildings in the Northern Alps.

Concerts are also held at Eggenberg Castle, which is said to be the most important castle architecture in the state and modeled after the Spanish Escorial.

Harnoncourt died in 2016, but the music festival is eager to inherit his will. The music festival orchestra is temporarily organized and plays a central role. Of course, the early music orchestra “Concentus Musicus Wien” founded by Harnoncourt will also appear.

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