SWR Schwetzingen Festival | SWR Schwetzinger Festspiele

[CITY]Schwetzingen … Germany
[SCHEDULE]2022:4.29 … 5.28

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A music festival founded in 1952 by the South German broadcasting (present South West German broadcast = SWR). The music festival is held for about one month from the end of April to the end of May.

It seems to be a music festival of the broadcasting station, and has set it as the pillar of activity, the world premiere of the new opera and the revival of the buried opera of the Baroque era.

There are also concerts of orchestral music and chamber music, and international artists often appear. Under the policy to convey the new breath of the music world, of course, contemporary music has been taken up as much as possible.

The main venue is the Rococo Theater in the famous Schwetzingen castle built in 1753 as the summer residence of the Bavarian elector Karl Theodor. In addition to that, many concerts are held in neighboring towns.

Schwetzingen is a small town next to Heidelberg, Germany’s leading university city. Since it was introduced in the Korl Theodor and cultivation was encouraged, Schwetzingen is a famous place of asparagus.

The road to Scherzheim is called the “Aspara Road”. The time of the music festival is at its peak, and the menu of asparagus is lined up in the restaurant.

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