Taiwan International Festival of Arts | 台灣國際藝術節

[CITY]Taipei … Taiwan
[SCHEDULE]2021:2.21 … 4.26

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The Performing Arts Festival began in 2009 with the National Performing Arts Center. It is familiar with the nickname “TIFA”. Post-war Taiwanese performing arts activities have been developed based on the “National Concert Hall” and “National Theatre”, located opposite the Chiang Kai-shek’s “Zhongzheng Memorial Hall”.

The National Performing Arts Center also performs various performances using these two facilities. The National Concert Hall has a large hall with a capacity of 2,074 seats and a small hall with 363 seats. The National Theatre has a large theater with 1,526 seats and an experimental theatre with 180 to 242 seats. Of course, these four halls are completely used for the festival.

The period of the art festival is relatively long, from the end of February to the middle of April, and about 20 performances will be held during the period. The centerpiece is the performance of dances and theatrical works. Pina Bausch, Anne van den Brook, Yukio Ninagawa, Koki Mitani, etc. have invited hot spots from all over the world.

The art festival is a style in which a musical program is added to such a theatrical work. In the classical music genre, performances by guest orchestras from overseas are combined with performances by the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Taiwan’s leading conductor Lu Shaojia.

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