Festival Pergolesi Spontini | Festival Pergolesi Spontini

[CITY]Jesi … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2021:8.22 … 10.2

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Jesi is a wine region of Marche state in central Italy. It is inland 20 kilometers from Ancona, the capital city facing the Adriatic Sea. Based on the festival, the festival performed by the “Pergolesi-Spontini Foundation” which is conducting research by two opera composers,

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Gaspare Spontini, who Marche state bore. Pergolage is a 26-year-old short-time composer, as well as Mozart and Rossini, and is a composer and is known for his historical success in opera “La Serva Padrona”, a masterpiece of vocal music “Stabat Mater = Madonna of Sorrow” . One Spontini is active mainly in Paris. Succeeded at “La Vestale”, it was once said that it was a leading opera in Europe, the founder of the French opera, and also influenced Wagner’s early works.

The music festival is held throughout September, and performances are held in various places in Ancona including Jesi. In 2010, as part of the music festival, “Stabat Mater” was performed by Claudio Abbado Claudio Abbado and attracted a hot topic.

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