Aspen Music Festival | Aspen Music Festival

[CITY]Aspen … United States
[SCHEDULE]2021:7.1 … 8.22

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To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Goethe’s birth, a music festival was established in 1949 in Aspen, a luxury resort in Colorado. Founded by a number of artists such as the doctor and organist Albert Schweitzer, great pianist Altur Rubinstein, conductors Dmitry Mitropoulos and Bruno Walter, author Thomas Mann That’s it.

The music festival will give students who want to be professional performers the highest level of educational opportunities from the faculty and famed musicians of the Juilliard School in New York, and at the same time provide a high level concert to the audience Has been the goal.

Therefore, the educational organization “Aspen Music School” was organized in 1951, and the administrative organization “Aspen Music Association” was organized in 1951.

Every year, the music festival is held for nine weeks from the end of June every year. More than 750 students and 200 artists from all over the world participate in the music festival and develop energetic activities such as orchestra concerts, chamber music, opera, contemporary music, master classes, and children’s programs.

The outdoor stage “Benedict Music Tent” completed in 2000 can accommodate approximately 2,000 people. Various concerts are held at the Victorian-style Wheeler Opera House, Harris Concert Hall, and the surrounding churches.

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