Osaka Classic | 大阪クラシック

[CITY]Osaka … Japan
[SCHEDULE]2020:9.13 … 9.19

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The music festival began in 2006 with the call of Eiji Oue, who was the music director of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Osaka group, Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Symphony Orchestra, Japan Century Orchestra, Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra and other Osaka-based performance organizations participated in the call to Oue’s “Let’s get in touch with classical music” doing.

Oue has been in charge as a producer of the festival after the retirement of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra.

The music festival lasts for a week. Concerts are held mainly in the office hall lobby, cafe, hotel, etc., centering on Midosuji, the main street of Osaka, and Nakanoshima area. Most are free performances.

For 13 years until 2018 1,041 performances have been held, and a total of 570,000 people have been Visited. Now, it is a festival of classical music representing Osaka in early autumn.

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