Glyndebourne Festival Opera | Glyndebourne Festival Opera

[CITY]Lewes … United Kingdom
[SCHEDULE]2021:5.20 … 8.29

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A music festival representative with strict dress code requirements. This is a black tie, an evening dress. In 1934, the Christie’s family, famous for its auctions, built a theater on a vast expanse and created a music festival for opera performances.

The club-like atmosphere is still intense. There is a half-hour break between the curtains, It is not only need clothes, need to enjoy the time that is slowly passing.

The music festival begins at the end of May and continues until the end of August. The Resident Orchestra is the London Philharmonic Orchestra and The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

Young singers have spent more time practicing to make precise ensembles to improve their reputation, but over the past few years, the appearance of renowned singers has increased. It attracts the attention of opera lovers by adding cutting-edge productions.

Less than 3 hours drive from London to the theater. It takes about an hour by train from Victoria station to the nearest Louis station, and about 10 minutes by car from the station to the theater. There is also a free shuttle bus from the station.

It starts at 4 pm so that Londoners can come after lunch, and the end time is set in time for the final train. The present building is the second generation opened in 1994, and its modern exterior blends beautifully with the countryside. There are 1,150 seats, and the intimate sound that cannot be tasted in a large opera house is also attractive.

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