Verona Opera Festival | Arena di Verona

[CITY]Verona … Italy
[SCHEDULE]2022:6.17 … 9.3

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“Arena di Verona” is the site of an outdoor arena built in the ancient Roman period. The outdoor opera festival, which takes place there, is held every summer from late June to full August. It’s a big event with over 50 performances.

The “Arena” in the center of the city has a capacity of 16,000 people. Hearing only those numbers is often considered a “Festival for tourists,” but the level of the cast and direction for performers are not lose to permanent opera house.

Adding to the better sound than expected, It is called “The largest and the best outdoor opera in the world”.

On the other hand, it is also a gateway for young singers.Many star singers have sang on the stage here, including Maria Callas, who made the 1947 Italian debut here.

Therefore, the ticket is reasonably expensive.What remains is worrying about rain , but if the performance is canceled after the first act is over, there will be no refund, literally “rain of tears”.

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