Rossini in Wildbad | Rossini in Wildbad

[CITY]Bad Wildbad … Germany
[SCHEDULE]2022:7.15 … 7.24

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Bad-Wildbad is a small town in southwestern Germany. It is located further west from Stuttgart to the French border. In July, the small town is bustling with an opera festival with the theme of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.

Rossini is known for retiring and entering a pension life after releasing the opera “Guillaume Tell-William Tell” at the age of 37. Since then, he has only composed religious songs and small pieces such as “Stabat Mater”, and worked as a foodie to create dishes and run high-end restaurants.

However, in his later years, he began to suffer from gonorrhea, manic-depressive illness, and chronic bronchitis, and he began to visit this town, which has long been known as a hot spring resort.

Every year at the music festival, about three Rossini operas are performed. The main venue is a small but beautiful Kur Theater built in 18th century architecture.

As the name of the festival says “Bel Canto Opera Festival”, there is a strong commitment to bel canto-style vocalization and Italian pronunciation. Therefore, many Italian singers appear, and the music director is also the young Italian conductor Antonino Fogliani.

The Rossini-themed music festival is famous for the Festival in Pesaro, his birthplace, but its sister version is also gaining a lot of attention.

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