La Folle Journée | La Folle Journée

[CITY]Nantes … France
[SCHEDULE]2021:2.3 … 2.7(Postponed:4.9 … 4.11)

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Festival founded by French music producer René Martin started up in Nantes, a port town in northwestern France in 1995. During the festival, nine stages are set up at the convention center “Cité de Congres” at the venue, and concerts are held from morning till night each stage.

Each stage is a short 45 minutes as a concert of classical music, a low price starting from 5 euros. His ideas that overturned “common sense” were greatly appreciated. It was because the audience was able to visit the concert so that they could choose à la carte dishes.

The name of the music festival comes from Beaumarchais’ s play “La Folle journée ou Le Mariage de Figaro” which is said to have influenced the French Revolution. That work converted to opera later by Mozart.

“I felt it was a perfect word for the dream that I wanted to realize in the field of classical music, that is, the desire to remove the various boundaries we meet in the classical music ,” Martin said. It is now “exported” overseas, and sister editions are born in Portugal, Spain, Japan and Brazil.

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