Mondsee music days | Musiktage Mondsee

[CITY]Mondsee … Austria
[SCHEDULE]2022:8.26 … 9.3

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‘Salzkammergut’ ‘Region is an area that spans middle Austria, Obersteiger and Salzburg. It fascinates many people with the natural landscape weaving the mountains of the Alps and numerous lakes. “Mont Lake = Mondsee” is also one of the lakes in that area. It’s a romantic lake, “Lake of the Moon” if translated into Japanese as it is.

There is a city where the name of the lake was taken as it is at the northern end of the lake. This town has a famous church. Yes, in the masterpiece movie “Sound of Music”, the church was taken of the wedding scene of “Maria” and “Colonel Trump”. In addition to such topics, tourists visit a lot, mainly in the summer, from the surrounding mountain ranges and the beauty of the lake.

The music festival which opens in such a city at the end of August was founded in 1989 by the pianist Schiff András. He is a music festival centering on chamber music where “Auryn-quartett” is a music director now, with Cello’s Heinrich Schiff interposed, the festival is a week. When the music festival closed the curtains, both Schiff were recording the programs he picked up at the music festival. By that alone, the height of the performance level of the music festival should be known.

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